Residential Moving from $175

We can offer a complete home moving services, where any valuable pieces of furniture are wrapped using protective paper blankets (this is usually undertaken when moving abroad). The service provides full protection during transportation. We use transit wardrobe cartons to transport your hanging garments. Wardrobe cartons would be brought on the same day of your removal. When it comes to the day of your removal our experienced and fully trained staff would handle your effects with every care and attention. Once your effects are placed into our vehicle they would be blanket wrapped for added protection. Ties are then used to secure all furniture in the vehicle. This prevent movement within the load which results in the safe transportation of your effects. Once the staff arrive at your new home, all items would be positioned as required. Prior to their departure they will undertake a final check of the vehicle to ensure that it is empty. We would then check that you are satisfied with the positioning of your furniture. Should you require any furniture removing internally our staff would be happy to undertake this for you. Whether your residential removals is taking you around the corner or all the way to the south cost. Hooleys Removal Company Cheshire have the experienced staff and equipped vehicles to safely conduct your removal.

Commercial Moving from $300

Commercial moving can become very dis-organised if not planned and conducted in the correct way. With our experience in the commercial removals industry you can be sure of a smooth and efficient removal process. To begin the office move process you will have to get in touch with us. From here we will arrange for one of our highly experienced office move surveyors to give you a visit and assess exactly what services you require from us. This is to ensure all commercial removals we undertake are planned and prepared for in a professional manner. Your move could involve the moving of filers, desks, safes, computers etc. But whatever the case Canada Movers will be able to accommodate your move. We can offer both Packing services and storage services. What ever the case our office move surveyor will be able to help. After the visit the office move surveyor will put together a move programme which is specific to your office move. We will take into account all factors and develop a programme that will minimise any disruption to the running of your business.

International Moving from $500

Name your destination and Canada Movers has the specialized overseas experience to smooth the way for you. We have moved Canadian families to United States and Mexico From beginning to end, out-of-country moves demand constant monitoring. Canada Movers controllers stay on top of your move from initial planning to final delivery in your new home. They have the experience to keep your move on schedule and head off potential delays. What's more, the Canada Movers tracking systems enables us to keep you informed of the step-by-step progress of your move. It all begins and ends with a single point of contact, your account handler at Canada Movers will be your contact throughout your entire move. They will take you through step-by-step to ensure you are comfortable and continually kept informed. Canad Movers has the specialized experience, the worldwide network of contacts and agents and the follow through system to take full responsibility for every aspect of your overseas household move.

Extra insurance from $15

At, we understand how stressful it is to relocate. We help eliminate your stress by providing you with the appropriate insurance for your household goods. Our insurance options protect your goods for a single item damage or loss, or for a catastrophe occurrence. Now you can concentrate on your moving needs knowing that your goods are safe, secure and insured.

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